Managing Email List.

Unlimited email contact Categories

Categorize your email database into as many categories as you want.

Import Contacts

Either create your email list one by one or import bulk from Excel files.

Duplication Check

All imported emails are checked with the existing data for duplication.

Export Contacts

Export all your data into excel files.

Send Campaign easily


Easily save all your email templates in either plain or html format.

Plain text Email

Creating and sending plain text emails can be done easily.

HTML emails

Uploading and saving html format email template can be done easily .

Step By Step Campaign Execution

One can go through the step by step campaign execution feature to

Step 1: create email template

Step 2: Choosing the Format (Plain / HTML)

Step 3: Scheduling the email to a later time

Step 4: Choose the category or segment to which the email campaign should be sent

Step 5: Finish and Send the Campaign

Schedule emails to a later time

Planning your campaign for a said period is very easy by this feature; you can plan your campaign to any later period..

Sent email campaigns to a particular category

Email campaign can be sent to a particular category from the entire email list.

Reuse previous email campaign

Email campaign earlier can be reused and can be sent to a different category of email list.

Each one receives their own copy

Each of the emails that is sent to the recipient, receives their own copy with their email address in TO. They don't see to who all is the campaign sent.

Have your email address in FROM

Sent the email campaign having your own email address in from , if any one reply's back to the email you will receive it on your email address.

Campaign Starts & Finish Alerts

Mention the email address to which the Campaign start and finish alerts needs to be sent.

Open Tracking

Track all the emails address that have opened the campaign and viewed it .

About Us

What is EmailKart?

A very Simple, Powerful Email marketing tool. EmailKart Have the Capability to deliver lakhs of Email with at most Efficiency.

EmailKart is Permission Based Email Marketing Company, with its capability to send any size email marketing campaigns. Emailkart.com allows companies of any size to create, manage list, send campaign with powerful and user friendly Software. Emailkart.com with its existence in market for more than 10 years now has build an efficient infrastructure for Email marketing. People With basic working knowledge of Computers can use Emailkar.com. EmailKart is Supported by dedicated Back office team for Customer Support.

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We have tries most of the email marketing services that is available in market. But the Kind of support desk these guys have is excellent. Because we execute very large campaigns day in day out, emailkart have always stood up to our expectations.


I have been using emailkart.com for a while now , Being a not so tech savy also I never found emailkart.com difficult to use. Emalkart.com have been one the most effective marketing tool for my Business now.


Email Kart is the most effective marketing tool for my business growth now. A perfect solution for me as a marketing head.


One of my friend had recommended email kart to me, since then I am using emailkart.com. and never look back for my email marketing solution. "only emailkart.com".





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5000-25000   0.08  
25000-50000   0.07  
50000-100000   0.06  
100000-500000   0.05  
500000-1000000   0.045  
Above  1000000   Call for pricing  

Privacy Policy

Use of Customer Information

Emailkart.com will not share, sell, rent or disclose any customer information collected without their prior permission or unless ordered by any Indian Court as per the law available. Emailkart.com is not email list rental service, this is a platform from where you can just sent email to your own subscriber list. The ownership of the Subscriber database remains just remains with the customer.

Anti-Spam Policy

Emailkart.com is a permission based email platform.


• Emails collected from subscribed uses to newsletter or Website.

• Your own customer database.

• People from your organization.

Not Allowed

• Lists of e-mail addresses that have been purchased or rented.

• Lists of e-mail addresses that have been copied or scraped off web pages.

• Any "third party" list whatsoever.

• Not allowed to sent any unlawful information which is against the Law of the land

Any account that has violated this Anti-Spam Policy (or has tried to do so), will be terminated immediately and the customer is liable for all the Judicial matters.